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We only have 24 hours in a day, equal for everyone. And, how we utilize these 24 hours totally depends on us. Our time spent totally decides what success mark we are up to. Running a dropshipping business on Amazon autonomously is an obvious thought process from daily time management struggles.

Doing a 9 to 5 job and continuing to do business is makes a congestible schedule. Also when you are a mother of children and just don’t have the capacity to fit in the tight schedule, you search for business automation. And why not search for a business to automate, when we have options to do so.

Introduction to autonomous dropshipping on Amazon: What is it?

As per Oberlo, “Automated dropshipping is the process of using technology to handle tasks that a human would normally do while running a dropshipping business”. The aim here is to remove less important tasks from the owner’s schedule so that he/she can focus on more important tasks as marketing and customer service.

Dropshipping does not always mean automation with the help of technology. You can also hire a virtual assistant or freelancer for the job to be done in an efficient manner. This is for the case you are worried that your business will be taken up by robots.

Ultimately you have to look over their shoulders, but hiring people who are more qualified in a task than you, makes sense and reduces the burden on your side.

Why automated dropshipping?: The reasons

Let us now discuss why we opt for automated drop shipping. The main reasons why one chooses automated dropshipping are mentioned below.

Efficient time management

As we all know time is all irreversible and costliest thing on earth. With an automated dropshipping module, you can still have access to all the other interesting hobbies and have time with life.

The software and technologies taking part in your online shop portfolio make it easy for you to take care of other important parts of the business. This is the most crucial part of your business decision, where you choose the righteous decision for the growth and development of your business. While a virtual assistant or software takes care of your business in the daylight and in the dark you can spend time with the people you love the most.

Saving money

If one takes a closer look at top eCommerce websites in the world like Amazon, the find out would be an army of workers. And hiring that army would be too expensive for a normal business.

The fact of the matter is you gonna need some external help. But at the same time, you can’t afford to keep one. Solving this problem the software aided with the latest technology came in the market.

With these aides, you can do some heavy lifting without spending much money as you do when you hire an employee. There may be a day where your business will grow large enough to hire an employee. But in the middle, you can save an ample amount of money that will help you grow your business even faster.

Running a dropshipping business on Amazon autonomously: How to do it?

The above process can be done with the help of various software and extension plugins which we are going to discuss below. Before running the module on autopilot mode let us test the capabilities of the softwares and options available in the market.

Renown Genius software

Renown genius software is an advanced auto listing, pricing automation, inventory management, and pricing tool software that helps to make the store almost run autonomously. It has the following specific features:

  • Inventory management software: The software keeps a close eye on your inventory. When the products go out of stock, it alerts the user or business owner about the product and therefore inventory is taken care of in a smarter way.
  • Price automation: It helps the user to get a closer look at the prices on different product outsourcing platforms. Then it monitors and tells you what to list and at what price.
  • Bulk listing: It helps you to list the products in a bulk manner, so that you don’t have to find each and every product and compare the price for listing them on Amazon for dropshipping.
  • Out of stock resolution: It is an extended feature in the section of inventory management.
  • Profit Calculator: Calculating profit with ease and saving time in the module is the primary focus of the software. This allows the user to decide the niches and product categories sell for the day.
  • Amazon management software: The software is made to totally focus on Amazon dropshipping in the current situation. In the future, it will be available for Walmart and Shopify as well as eBay.

Here is a snippet of how it looks like.


Oberlo Chrome extension

Automated dropshipping through Ali Express won’t be the same without Oberlo. Oberlo has got a chrome extension that is easy to handle. It allows the users to sell to your online shop portfolio while browsing through Ali Express. The extension on Google’s Chrome forces the user to browse and import products with a click. Rather than doing the whole process manually, you choose automation as it is easy and time-saving.

Here is a snippet of how it looks like when an Oberlo Chrome extension is installed in the browser.


The Facebook Pixel

One of the most important steps of automated dropshipping that people often forget is installing Facebook Pixel into Shopify. The Facebook pixel is purely meant keeping in mind the increased marketing efforts.

As per Oberlo, “You’ll be able to run automated retargeting ads. You’ll still need to do some setup work (and of course pay for the Facebook ads) but the pixel can, for example, let Facebook know which visitor added which product before abandoning their cart so that the retargeting ad can try to recover that abandoned cart. And boom, you’ve got a sale”. 

The Facebook Pixel shows the exact visitors on your eCommerce pages. So, for example, if you are writing blog posts to boost your traffic, it may suggest you, add specific ads in the post which may lead to your overall increased sales.

Here is a snippet of how it looks like.


Automating social media posts.

For a business, Social Media Optimization and Social Media Marketing are very much important. Also, you can schedule posts for the upcoming week so that you never miss an update for the day. Automating it requires just basic knowledge of social media platforms.

Make a schedule to cope up with the challenges of social branding. Choose a day in the week that seems to be a little less rashy. Design and schedule the social media posts on the day.

Discussing the facts and capabilities of automation software we can say that there are many options in the market to save money and time allowing you to run your business autonomously.

Conclusion: Can a dropshipping business on Amazon run autonomously?

The answer to the above question is yes, but it depends upon the will and faith of the user. For example, an age-old seller might not accept this as an effective idea, as he has less faith in technology and its advancements. While on the other hand, a modern seller might well get acquainted with the advancements of technology as he has faith in it. 

It is also a matter of personal will and way of doing business. Some like a firm control over their business while others like just profit.

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